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Coral Heads

The Rainbow Reef is completely protected in most weather situations. Three easy entries directly from the sand beach or over the rocks is giving you access to beautiful coral formations and sponges and their inhabitants, snappers and grunts. And watch out for eagle rays majesticly gliding through the water.

Snorkeling In Stella Maris

Snorkeling in Long Island and Stella Maris is truly enjoyable all year around as weather conditions are just perfect most of the time and you have the choice of diving into the turquoise crystal clear water on the Caribbean side in the West or the rich deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean in the East. Offshore, both coast lines are offering a tremendous variety of hard corals and soft corals with colorful, abundant marine life.

The Flamingo Tongue Reef is accessible by boat only. Off the gorgeous Cape Santa Maria Beach, this underwater garden is protected from the predominant breezes and is an excellent spot for hard corals and flamingo tongue shells. Marine life is very rich including barracudas, yellow tails, grunts, squirrels and reef school fish. Discover the garden eel colony and at night, the turbulent crab life.

Columbus Harbour at the North tip of Long Island is supposed to be the spot Columbus anchored and set foot on the island on October 16, 1492. A shallow, protected bay with a mile long sandy beach is studded with all types of corals and you will definitively find a giant parrot fish and maybe a Spanish lobster.

The Caves at Columbus Harbour, below a steep 100 feet high cliff with the impressive Columbus Monument on top, are located in the small bay completely protected from the Atlantic Ocean. The underwater caves are easily to explore.

Long Bar is located on the northwest lee side of Long Island and can be reached by boat only. Beautiful pillar corals, large colorful seafans and big basket sponges are surrounding this remarkable diving site, supporting an abundant marine life.


Coral Gardens, just a short distance from the Stella Maris Resort Club, has a huge labyrinth of caves, valleys and overhangs with an array of all types of corals. Sea life is full of tropical fish, with some barracudas and Nassau groupers and even sea turtles. Access for experienced snorkelers only.

Poseidon's Point is a very safe area perfect for beginners. Easy access over flat rocks from shore is opening an exciting underwater world with large brain corals and elkhorn formations. This is one of the very few places you might be able to watch a big tarpon swimming through the rocks.

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