Fishing in Stella Maris

Long Island has numerous sites to experience the thrill of fighting a game fish or catching your meal for tonights diner. Whether you are a professional fisherman or an amateur, the rich waters surrounding the island are offering plenty of opportunities to fulfill your dreams.

Deep Sea Fishing is excellent due to the North Equatorial Current originated in the Canary Island off Africa's northwestern coast. Schools of blue and white marlins, sailfish, yellow fin and black fin tuna, rainbow runners, dolphins and wahoo are travelling with the current which is washing the shores of Long Island. The ocean's predators, all kind of sharks and barracudas, are always present too.

Reef Fishing is excellent if you know where to go. Having a native guide on board is great as he knows the 'real spots' and he will be happy to setup a fire on a beautiful beach to cook the fresh catch. Most of the fish you catch are good to eat, like snappers, grunts, margates and groupers. Try to fish with a hand line and use fresh conch meat as bait; and move fast pulling in the fish before a barracuda has his feast and you end up with a fish head.

Bone Fishing is a challenge all year around, if you have the patience and skills. Early in the year, bone fish return to the flats where they can be spotted and caught more easily. If you hire one of the certified guides on Long Island, success is almost guaranteed.