Born in County Cork, Ireland, assumed on March 8, 1700, Anne Bonny was an attractive and intelligent woman, very hot-tempered. At age 16, she married a sailor named James Bonny but later had an affair with 'Calico Jack' Rackham. Disguising herself as a man, she joined Rackham's crew aboard the Treasure capturing many ships over the next several years.

Anne later met Mary Reed, her joining the crew disguised as a man too. See discovered her gender when surprising Mary undressing one day. The two woman made a pact not to reveal the real identity, as female pirates were not quite 'appropriate' in these days. They became very close to each other as both woman were pregnant. However, Rackham got suspicious and he confronted Bonny and Read demanding an explanation. Read confessed that she is actually a woman. Eventually revealing the secret to his crew, Calico Jack allowed Read to stay on his ship as a crew member.

When Rackham and his crew were attacked by Jonathan Barnet in October 1720, Anne and Mary finally were captured after a fierce fight with the troops hired by the governor of Jamaica. In the following trial, both woman were convicted and sentenced to be hanged. Execution was postponed as both 'pleaded their bellies' announcing they were pregnant. Following English common law, a stay of execution had to be ordered until they gave birth.

There is no historical evidence of Anne's execution or release. Speculations are that her father managed to bail her out of prison and moved her back to Charles Town, South Carolina, were she gave birth to Rackham's child. She might even have returned to her husband or resumed her piracy activities. However, it is known that she married Joseph Burleigh on December 1721 and gave birth to another eight children. Anne died in South Carolina April 25, 1782, as a respectable woman at the age of eighty-two.