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Exclusive Properties

Real Estate for Sale on Long Island

Exclusive residences are for sale in or near Stella Maris.
Acquire a large residential lot if you have other ideas of your dream home.

A huge development containing a resort hotel, a marina and a challenging 18 hole golf course was approved by the Bahamian Government.

Atlantic Beaches

The Atlantic Coast

High cliffs and caves along the Atlantic Coast were formed over a period of countless years by the ever returning thunderous waves of the Atlantic Ocean, leaving grotesque structures emerging out of the sea.

Amazingly, just a few yards away you will find a beautiful sandy beach or a natural swimming pool to relax after an expedition into the "New World".

Caribbean Beaches

The Caribbean Coast

A vast panorama of chains of protected white powder-sand beaches meander along the turquoise and aqua-blue waters of the Caribbean, only inter-rupted by a mangrove thicket, a small forest of pine trees or colorful rock formations.

Impressions of Long Island

Watch a selection of videos and slideshows.

Long Island's incredible Beaches

There are so many treasures on Long Island. The most superior characteristic of the island is its variety of beaches, coves and lagoons adjoining the clear and peaceful waters of the Caribbean or the deep blue rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean. You can spend days and weeks exploring the shores, finding another hidden jewel each time, and get lonely because you feel like Robinson Crusoe searching for some company to share this idyll. Whether your adventurous desire or your romantic soul is attracting you to return to the shores, enjoyment and happiness is guaranteed.
If you just need relaxation and rest, searching for tranquillity, then the softly rolling waves and cool breezes are soothing amenities to get you back on track.

The white sand beaches are inviting you; indulge your spouse and yourself!

The world famous Cape Santa Maria Beach is a three miles long stretch of white powdery sand beach adjoined by the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean.
After a long walk in absolute silence, only interrupted by the calm rolling waves of the ocean, you can enjoy a refreshing drink at the luxurious Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and wait for the sun to dive into the ocean and disappear on the far horizon for another gorgeous sunset in The Bahamas.

Cape Santa Maria Beach

Cape Santa Maria Beach

Columbus Bay

Christopher Columbus

On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed on the small island of San Salvador in the Eastern Bahamas thinking he had found the 'Indies'.

A few days later, he and his crew discovered and anchored at the North tip of Long Island. Shortly after exploring this incredible bay with miles of snow-white sandy beaches, Columbus wrote in his ships log:

"... this is the most beautiful Island in the World"

Dean's Blue Hole

Dean's Blue Hole

Dean's Blue Hole is the World's deepest blue hole plunging 663 feet (200 meters) to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.


How to stay active on Long Island

Surfing and sailing the calm waters of the Exuma Sound or atop the wild breakers of the Atlantic Ocean.

Travel Information

Travel Information

Stella Maris is just a short trip from the Florida East Coast. Plan your escape to the paradise today.

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